Tuesday, November 22, 2011

formal invite. {ray j.}

i love "stealing" blogging ideas.
they make me feel so creative.

but want to know what i love even more?
being invited to steal those ideas!

meet ashley. she blogs over here.
we have been friends since high school.
she is a bundle of joy and has the best personality.
stalk her blog i dare you.

anyways back to the invite.
she has issued the idea to do a 25 days of blogging.
so starting december 1st i will be joining her in blogging once a day until christmas.
obviously some of my posts will be christmas related.
others will not. 
i am taking the challenge. 
and i am spreading this challenge to the people i stalk
you girls in???

if your name is not on here. don't be offended. your invited too.
{let me know and i will add you to my stalking list.}

here is to 25 days of christmas blogging. 

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