Saturday, August 20, 2011

stairway to heaven. {led zeppelin.}

so obviously i am having a hard time wanting to blog.
its been 2 weeks. that is a problem.
granted i went to girls camp for 1 week and then i moved out.
but still there shouldn't be any excuses.

well i am going to continue on with my europe trip that feels like 100 years ago.
and then i will start blogging about school. and hopefully much much more.
but i am going to whip out like 8 europe posts. be prepared.

so tuesday in london started out with a lovely breakfast that included:
scrambled eggs with bacon and mozz. cheese panini style. aka "a wrap."
pretty sure i ordered the best thing. sorry i don't have a pic.

we then made our way to the british museum. 
we saw the rosetta stone and old jewelry and mummies. 
besides that it wasn't too exciting.

after we went to st. pauls cathedral.
this was way sweet.
we started our climb to the top.
500+ stairs. straight up.
talk about an awesome workout.
we stopped on the whispering floor.
this was sweet. if you sat across the room from each other and whispered into the wall. you could hear each other.
kinda creepy because you could hear lots of whisperings from everywhere.

we then continued up through the B.O. stairwell.
seriously nasty.
and we made it to the top.
it was amazing to look over all of london and see everything.
we took pictures and climbed back down.
it was awesome.
top of the cathedral.

lunch we decided to stop for a burger.
not my fav. but whatever.
i had a bbq burger with tomatoes and "salad" 

we then went harrods.
aka. largest store of my life.
5 floors of pure amazingness.
woman's, mens, children's, sporting, food, and everything in between.
i didn't buy anything but that is ok with me.
not to mention when we walked out there was...
1 blue lamborgini. 1 hot pink bentley driving past. 1 black porsche. 1 black ferrari. and multiple london cars.
umm hello top notch area. you make me feel weird.

im jealous.

after even though it was so windy and cold we went to the london eye.
largest "ferris wheel" ever. it looks over all of london.
somehow we didn't have to wait in the 3 hour long line. we walked right on.
ha. the city was amazing. big ben was amazing. everything is just amazing.
i loved it.

london eye.

view from london eye. with big ben.

after we went shopping.
i got the cutest i love london sweatshirt. 
i almost got a ring that looks like kate middletons ring. but i didn't.
but i am determined to find one online. no fear.

for dinner no one was super hungry so we went to a near by grocery shop and got snacks.
meg told me i HAD to try hula hoops. (they are chips. kinda.)
umm ps they were nasty. don't try them.
i still love you meg :)

we then walked out to the tower bridge. 
since it was night it was so neat.
it was a huge tower that split went over the road.
hence the name tower bridge.
it was so much fun to walk the streets of london at night.
i loved it.
tower bridge.

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