Friday, August 5, 2011

benny and the jets. {elton john.}

we hit the ground running.
we ate breakfast in a little cafe.
scrambled eggs and toast is what i ate.

we then made our way to big ben.
i loved it. literally it was so neat.
and i finally felt like i was in london.
in front of big ben.

we then went to westminster abbey.
it was so cool.
there is so much history there.
i loved being able to see where kate and prince william got married.
it really made the royal wedding come to life.

westminster abbey in all its glory.

linds and i waiting in line for tickets to the abbey.

after we went to an art museum.
6 words.
naked. statues. 7. year. old. brother.
well to say the least i have not had a good laugh and felt embarrassed in a long time.
we saw the original van gogh sunflower painting.
wow. it was incredible. so neat to see it for reals.
i loved it.
olympic count down in front of the museum.

outside the museum.

then off to buckingham palace.
umm hello. l.o.v.e.
it was so awesome. i was so star struck. with a building.
we couldn't go in. but the outside was enough for me.
we went into the shop and all the girls got matching crown t. shirts.
at the front gate!

loved it!

the beloved guards.

dinner i had a ham and salad baguette.
probably the best thing i ate the entire trip.
i don't know why but it was so good.

well why we were in london my mom wanted us to go to a theatre.
picking a show was a different story.
we thought wicked. but too many had seen it already.
we ended with shrek. the musical.
ya ya i know this could quite possibly be a mock of musicals.
but think twice. it was funny. entertaining. and overall a good laugh.
i thought it was a fun show and definitely ok for all ages.
the dragon was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. seriously she could sing.
outside the theatre.


that ended our first "real" day in london.
let me say one more time.
i love this city.

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