Friday, August 5, 2011

i'm leaving on a jet plane. {peter. paul. and mary.}

so lets face it. no internet has put me quite behind on the blog posts.
don't worry i have enough stuff to post about to last a life time.
i want to have a different post for each day in europe.
therefore there will be 10 new updates in the span of 3 days.
get ready. its a blog-a-thon for me.

ok lets talk about the fly over to london. talk about a long trip.
it started by meeting ash and chad in slc. 
on the plane i sat next to ty and dad. 
ash. chad and linds behind.
chad was too cool to be in the pic :)
and mom. and the munchkins to the right.

now a little background info on the padre and flying.
he always falls asleep... with his mouth wide open.
this of course leads to harmless teasing.
see for yourself.
yum yum!
what can i say the flight was a long one.
we had a quick layover in detroit.
we then continued on to london.
this time i sat just by tyler.
we "slept" the entire way.
lets just say when it comes to sleeping on a plane i have tried every position.
head on tray. head on ty. ty's head on me. sideways on chair with my head against the back.
you get the idea.
i slept in 45 min. increments. but eventually we made it. 
and all i have to say about that is we were slapped in the face with the hustle and bustle of london.

we got off the plane and headed for the tube.
the kids waited while the parents got our tube tickets for the week.
it was a long wait.
we finally got our tickets and boom we were off into the tube.
now there are 9 americans. no idea where we are going.
we walk slow. its fine.
but not in london.
people were cutting us off because we were going to slow.
but we eventually made it to our stop and to our hotel.

after we freshened up we went to dinner.
we ate at bella italia. it was sooo good.
lindsay queen of being allergic of course had an allergic reaction.
after she took medicine she was fine.

we then made our way to hyde park.
its like central park. kinda.
they had a speakers corner. grass. random statues. memorials. and a lake.
we paddleboated on the lake. it was quite enjoyable. 
after the boat thats when it hit.
one second lindsay was standing by me and then...BOOM.
she ran to a tree and noodles everywhere.
london we have arrived.

after we walked around the park and enjoyed being together as a family.
we then walked back to our hotel and hit the sack.
i already was in love with london.
outside our hotel.

bella italia. 
horse head statue.

gummy bear statue.


princess diana's memorial.

peter pan statue.

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