Saturday, August 20, 2011

i love paris. {frank sinatra.}

our adventure in london was about to end.
but our adventure in paris was just beginning.
let me tell you it was an adventure to say the least.

after we left london on the lovely bullet train 3 hours later we arrived in the city of love.
picture paris in your mind.
let me guess.
gorgeous. fashion. high class. amazing. brilliant. 
umm ok back to reality.
let me smash your dream.
paris is disgusting.

let me explain.
we get off the bullet train and walk down to the metro.
all of the sudden we get "attacked"
by dumb "deaf" girls who want us to sign and give them money.
how many times do i have to say no for them to get the idea.

ok ok i know its not that bad. let me continue.
while our parents are getting our metro passes. we sit and wait.
we get this whiff of nasty.
we look left. and then right. and then to the floor.
human feces. yep that is right. HUMAN feces smeared on the floor.
obviously from people walking through it.
yes you can take a break from reading and throw up now.

remember how i said paris was disgusting. well now you know it is a true statement.
finally we got our passes and avoided the human feces on the ground.
we walked down the chancelysse. 
it is a HUGE walking street full of brand named clothes and shops.
although we didn't stop it was still so much fun to see.

this lead us to the arc de triamph.
this was amazing.
it is a huge arc that is in the heart of paris. 
we climbed to the top. (duh.)
which was again over 500 stairs.
we took many pics. and then climbed down.
it really was so neat.
never ending stairs.
top of the arc. with the eiffel tower.

for lunch we had simple sandwiches.

well think again of paris.
now instead of romance and blah blah blah that i smashed.
you think of the eiffel tower.
let me tell you. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
umm yes i finally felt like i was in paris. 
it was just so huge. like the biggest thing ever.
i loved it.
base of the tower.

we decided to wait until another day to go to the top.
so we left for dinner.
we went to a italian place.
it was so good. and they were so fast.
9 people. it was done in 10 min.
pretty sure the chef cooked each meal in like 1 min.
i am impressed.

sorry about crushing your paris dreams.
but the eiffel tower was amazing.
i recommend going there. 
but i don't recommend going to paris.
let me know how that goes for you.
family at the arc.

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