Tuesday, June 28, 2011

its savage time. {savage family.}

today is the one and only savage day.
it is the day we celebrate our family.
we wake up at 6:28 am because that is savage time.
(6 kids + 2 parents = 8 people).
we do a little cheer. and then the fun begins.
each year we do something different.
this year we went to breakfast at kneaders at 7:00 am.
we came home and crashed until 10:00 am.
we went shopping for our europe trip.
and then we went to the movie 17 miracles.
seriously such a good movie.
we then ate frozen yogurt/ice cream at farr's fresh.
followed by a barbeque and swimming in the pool.

as you read this i know what you are thinking.
"brooke. that is not very healthy."
your right. and i got way off track already. not a good start.
let me tell you what i ate. 
yogurt parfait at kneaders

farr's fresh frozen yogurt. i had dole pineapple, strawberry, original tart, and vanilla.
my mix in's consisted of... 
3 cheesecake bites. 5 brownie bites. 5 cookie dough bites. and a little bit of crushed butterfinger bar. 
let me tell you each "bite" was the size of a single milk chocolate m&m.

hamburger. with only a bottom bun. ketchup. mustard. pickles. tomato. lettuce.
way too many chips.

i sadly did eat some popcorn at the movie.
it didn't even taste that good but it was in my face.
i know i'm mad about it too.
1 monkey square. recipe found here.
seriously to die for. 
i would suggest not trying them because then you too will become addicted.

ok ok i know today was AWFUL.
and i didn't workout. but its savage day.
just you wait. the rest of the week i am going to kill it even harder.

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Ashley said...

What a cute idea! Honestly. I love this.