Wednesday, June 29, 2011

all day long. {ne-yo}

3.6 mile run around lindon.
stationary bike. 1 hour. 15 miles.


yogurt parfait. approx. 137 calories.
nectarine. approx. 62 calories.


turkey sandwich. approx. 76 calories.
diced watermelon. approx. 23 calories.


1 yogurt covered pretzel.
a couple chocolate chips.
ice cream.

i think today was better.


Danae Brooke said...

Could you maybe perhaps come be my personal trainer/dietitian? :P I just live up the street *wink wink* But seriously, you have lost SOOOO much weight since school, you seem happier, and brighter...if that even makes sense. Anyway, I'm addicted to food and can never get myself to a gym. HELP! How do you do it?!

ashley in wonderland said...

mmm that yougurt looks delish :)

brooke said...

brooke. yes that definitely makes sense! hahaha the sad thing is i was WAY skinnier last summer so i am working on getting it back. and you should come running with me i go most mornings. and really i am addicted to food too but i just have decided that i have to watch my portion sizes, and listen to when my body is hungry or full. but as you can see i don't cut any foods i simply just watch my portions and i try and stay in a certain calorie budget each day (:

Granny said...

How is a turkey sandwich 76 calories. What kind of bread is that?

brooke said...

granny. the bread is sara lee 45 calorie bread (: and then i only have 2-3 slices of lunch meat turkey. with mustard. 1 pickle. 2-3 slices of tomato. lettuce.

Danae Brooke said...

You would be sick of me after 5 minutes. I suck at running. :P Bahha. I'm a big baby. But I think I'm going to try and follow your example. Too often to I either eat nothing or binge. There is no in-between.

brooke said...

ya i definitely know how that is. in-between is so hard because you either want it all or nothing! but seriously i am trying to get lindsay to run with me even for like .5 to 1 mile. you and kaitlyn should join! it would seriously be so much fun!