Monday, June 27, 2011

hips don't lie. {shakira.}

i have 2 weeks until europe.
this means we have 2 weeks until the biggest loser savage style is over. 
i right now am in the lead. can i hear a woot woot?? 
but this past week instead of losing weight i gained a pound L 
these past two weeks i have eaten horribly and i have only worked out like 4 times. 
if you know me i usually won’t go to bed until i have worked out at least an hour and a half. 
its kinda a problem. 
this week i am taking on a challenge.
is going to be “healthy” week. a.k.a get back on track week.  
2 weeks ago was strawberry days. each night i ate a strawberrys and cream for dinner with a diet pepsi. 
this past week i ate even worse. and i hardly worked out. 
so to stay on track i am going to upload everything i eat and what i do to work out. 
sorry if you find this boring but i am in it to win it. 
so let’s start with what i have done today.

5.6 mile run at 7:50 am.
from my house. up 400 east. down murdock. past pg high. down locust. up the stake center road. back to 400 east. and back home.
i don't know how but i am pretty sure it is up hill there and back. with one major down hill. killer.
then i got the joy of caddying for my lil' bro golf tournament. walking 9 holes in the blistering sun. 
now that is a workout.
cute cousins with no front teeth! the lucky ducks were in the same golf group!

so i can't eat before i workout and i had to drive to west bountiful for the golf tournament so i had to eat something on the way.
90 calorie fiber one bar. with propel zero water.
i then had water on the course. holy cow it was roasting and i thought i was going to die.
after i was so tired and i had to drive a hour back home so i rewarded myself with a lovely diet coke.
yum! yum!
so far i had done great. but its always when i get home from a long day when i binge.
well this day was a little better.

we had yummy chicken roll ups. they were a chicken mixture thing wrapped in a croissant roll. with a cream sauce.
probably not the most healthy. but that is what we had as a family.
really its all about portion control.

snacks through out the day.
1/2 brownie
parts of a cinnamon roll.
water. water. water.

ok ok i know what you are thinking. those are NOT healthy.
your right. but if you deprive yourself of treats then you will binge. no question.
so i allow myself to have small segments of these sweets.
therefore i am still getting my sweet fix.
but without eating the whole pan.
so yes i probably will have some sort of sweet everyday.
it keeps me going. but there is one major important thing to note.
that is i eat 1 sweet. not 5.
its called self control.


Shauna said...

Way to go on the biggest loser, keep up the good work. It was so fun seeing you yesterday. The picture of the boys is so cute.

P.S. One of Preston's friends older brother was asking about you and wanted your number:) He thought you were cute.

Tristan and Kristin DiCristofano said...

I have a friend out here that just showed me an app. on the iphone that I've started using and it's fun and addicting and it really helps me. It's called myfitnesspal. You should try it! Dinner is hard for me to log because you have to put the recipe in and everything but at the least I do breakfast, lunch and snacks plus you can log your water intake and your exercise. It's the best fitness log I've used :)

Chad and Ash said...

I keep needing thanks :) I think I will go work out now.... :)

Granny said...

Love you Brooke. So fun to share yoru life.