Sunday, June 26, 2011

there she is... miss america. {johnny desmond.}

there is one thing i look forward to each and every year.
its something that if you knew me. you could guess it without any hints.
its the miss utah pageant.
each year for about the past 8 years my mom, sisters, and i go to watch.
some years we know girls in it. others we don't.
some years we go for only the final night. others we go all 4 nights.
this year was one of those years we got tickets only for saturday night. the final night.

wednesday i was busy blog stalking when i got a text message
now i won't lie but a don't ever really get exciting text messages.
i open my phone and see it was a text from lea wride.
i was confused. 
i knew there was nothing we as a royalty had to attend.
so i open it just expecting it to be a random text for all the royalty
to my surprise it said "brooke we have a extra ticket for miss utah tonight!"
umm excuse me??
you have a what?????????
i was now doing a happy dance.
screaming noises of joy.
and well making my entire family concerned about what just happened.
i of course accepted. i mean how could i not??
1st night of competition for mady. she had onstage question which she nailed. and evening wear which she rocked.
thursday i was up playing with my cousins in heber.
we were swinging on the swings at a park.
when i get a text message from lea. again.
my heart skipped a beat when i read this.
"we have another ticket want to come again?"
umm hello. happy dance with some screams of joy at the park.
pretty much 2nd best day ever.
what i found out when i went to their house is this.
tewa (lea's mom) called another director to see if they had an extra ticket.
they did. tewa asked to have it. so i could come again.
wow. pretty much the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.
she went out of her way to find a way that i could go another night to miss utah.
i think i have fallen in love with this family.
2nd night at miss utah. mady ROCKED her talent.
well on friday emry (lea's little sister) came back from girls camp.
she got the extra ticket. definitely how it should be.
but don't worry i had lea keep me updated on the pageant.
it was just as good as being there.

saturday was the night with the sisters and mom.
we got all dolled up (i forgot to take a picture.)
we arrived early and enjoyed the atmosphere of pageants.
as the top 10 was announced i was surprised who got in.
between whale girl. hairography. and girls i didn't even remember.
there were some that i had picked out.
after the talent portion of competition my mom picked the winner.
she knew just like that. i was impressed.
miss uvu danica olsen is the new miss utah.
find out more about her here.
well utah was graced with the presence of miss america.
umm hello can i say amazing?
that never happens. she is gorgeous and so talented.
she sang God Bless America. she did so well that we thought that is what she won with.
ha funny that my 10 year old sister remembered she played the piano. 
still she was simply amazing. probably the best miss america ever.
sad that another year has come and gone.
don't worry. i am counting down the days until next year.
Miss America Teresa Scanlan with Sharlene Wells Hawkes. Miss Utah 1985 who won Miss America

fun fact: sharlene hawkes won miss america by playing the harp and singing!

so gorgeous.

singing God Bless America.

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Shauna said...

What a fun thing for you and your sisters to do together. And there is my friend Sharlene, we love the Hawkes!