Monday, May 30, 2011

the climb: part 4. {miley cyrus.}

so another year comes and i knew my pageant career wasn’t over.  even if i never physically won anything i had such amazing experiences i just loved to compete to compete.  so i decided i wanted to run for miss su again.  i talked to my mom and she said to me “brooke, if you want to do well you MUST work on your interview, go to your school and use their speech lab and set up mock interviews.”  after i was told this i thought long and hard about it, did i want to win enough to have to go set up mock interviews with people I didn’t know?  i was at college so i couldn’t have my mom do it and then me just go. it was up to me.  i decided i wanted this more than anything and i was going to work for it. i practiced the harp every day to continue to perfect my song of all songs and well i decided to go to the speech lab and have mock interviews.  i went and had 4 or 5 before miss su, i felt more confident about my interview then i ever had.  the week before the pageant we had a mock interview with the pageant committee.  i went in knowing how hard i had worked.  well let us just say i BOMBED it to the T.   i actually think i cried after because i was so devastated that my hard work didn’t paying off, funny thing was is that it wasn’t my actual interview.  i talked to my mom about it and she said that it was fine and i needed just one bad interview so my next one could be great.  well she was right.  i went in for my miss su interview and i nailed it! i felt so good about it and i was ready to dominate that night.  well let us just say Heavenly Father truly knows what we need.  it was time for me to perform my harp. the piece i had practiced and perfected for 3 years. yes i could play it with my eyes closed. any ways half way through i had no idea what i was doing and well i stopped for a good 5 seconds, re-cooped and continued.  i went off stage and i didn’t know if i should laugh, cry, be angry or what.  we went on for the awards and well i of course didn’t get anything and by the end the only thing i could think was well that was awful, it was funny and annoying to me.  i finally nail my interview and the one thing i shouldn’t be worried about i BOMBED! ha ya story of my life. 
after miss southern utah with friends and roommates!
epic fail. its fine.
after miss su with family... my biggest supporters!