Monday, June 6, 2011

the climb: part 5. {miley cyrus.}

attention: this post is EXTREMELY long. don't worry this is the last "pageant update post."

during the whole miss su pageant process, i was also looking into the miss pg pageant again.  i had my mom go to all the meetings and deep down i knew that if i didn’t win miss su i wanted to compete for miss pg again.  i was ready to do my best.  i told my mom like a week before miss pg that this would be my last time doing a pageant no matter the outcome.  i was ready to be done after this one last time. i knew it was hard on my parents to watch me do something i loved and never succeed.  well it came faster then expected but i was more prepared then ever. as i waited for the girls before me to go into their interview i started getting nervous and i was worried that i would bomb it.  i am so glad ash was there throughout the whole thing.  she really helped calm me down and she knew better than i did that i could do this and was prepared.  i went in with a smile on my face and confidence radiating in my eyes.  i had my interview and as i was walking out I knew I nailed it.  for me it was my best interview EVER!! as i walked out the door and to the car all ash had to say was you did amazing!! i then just had to nail everything that night and i was ready.  i was nervous because my harp wasn’t in my favor.  but again ash was my staple and helped me stay calm and not psych myself out.  well that night was a wave of emotion.  before the pageant started i all of the sudden had this feeling shoot through me that this was it.  this was my last shot and i knew i wanted it so bad, probably more than anyone competing in the pageant. don’t get me wrong everyone competing wanted to win, but also everyone else this was their first pageant they had ever competed in. this was my 4th and i hadn’t even placed in the other 3. i can tell you i wanted it the most. anyways my emotions almost got the best of me and i almost burst into tears.   then the pageant started and i had a rush of adrenaline and the tears were gone.  i rocked my swimsuit the best i could. and then was on stage question.  let us just say i had an awkward pause and i didn’t answer it very well.  i went back stage and it kinda threw me over the edge and the tears almost came again.  i was panicked again because next was talent and i was already nervous for that.   my mom knows me so well and right as i went off stage she texted ash and told her to calm me down and it wasn’t that big of deal.  ash was on it; she calmed me down and got me ready to rock my harp.  my dad came back stage to wheel on the harp and he gave me his words of encouragement. i knew he was pulling for me but his faith in me was not at its highest…don’t worry dad i still love you J.  so i started my harp.  in the middle of my first section before i change keys the pedal my foot was on started to come up.  i almost died.  had it came up it would have changed keys and well i probably would have cried right then and there.  in my mind the only thing I could think of was “do not move your foot keep it there, only a couple notes more before you can fix it.” i made it. I changed keys and i continued to play flawlessly.  then i had to change back and continue on with the most important section of my life… the section i bombed in msu.  as i continued on all of the sudden my left had stopped playing.  somehow i am not sure but my right hand continued on and eventually my left hand picked up.  i finished strong and i couldn’t believe that i had made it through.  i had the piece so memorized with both hands that seriously i didn’t know the song single handedly.  how my right hand continued i still do not know.  after the pageant my mom told me that she saw the determination on my face to continue and well i did.  after evening gown which i did great in it was time for results.  they did all the small awards in which i won miss photogenic. which still blows my mind because i have never seemed photogenic to myself but hey that’s $100 extra dollars. woot woot! anyways they started the non finalist awards. and well i must be honest.  when they started the awards in my head all i was saying is "not me. please not me." well i came out with out an award. in my mind i had to have placed but then i had that feeling come over me and it reminded me that I have never placed so why now.  i knew winning was not on my side but in my mind i felt that i had done well enough. they continued.  4th attendant… and well again in my mind i knew it wasn't me. i was right. as usual.  3rd and 2nd attendants were called all which i knew were not me. but i started to worry. so far all my pageants had been the same. before they called 1st attendant i had this feeling and i literally said in my head. brooke this is you.  i don’t know how i knew but i knew that i had gotten 1st attendant before it was even announced.  they said 1st attendant goes to … in my head i was saying brooke savage ...  brooke savage contestant #5! i was still shocked even though i just knew. i had never been so happy in my whole entire life. i was just so stoked to finally win i didn’t really know what to do.  after what felt like a million pictures i went down and found my family.  and hugs went all around. my dad was honest with me.  he said “brooke when it got down to 1st attendant i won’t lie i was a doubting you..” hahaha i showed him J just kidding. but from there i got so many congratulations one even from the current Miss Utah’s body guard. he plays the harp and he told me that i was amazing and that i definitely need to continue on with the harp and pageants. well another person who has had such an influence in my life is terry marchbanks. she is the director of miss pg and when i did lml she was also the director of that.  she has watched me grow more than anyone. i know for sure that Heavenly Father knows what is best for each of us and well we must be patient in getting it. even if that means waiting 3 years of lml, once i grew up 3 more years and 7 pageants later.  this is going to be an experience i will never take for granted and well like i said before pageants have made me who i am, and it has shown that if you work hard in the end it will pay off.  i can’t wait to work with these girls and seriously this summer is going to be the best summer of my life.
being crowned 1st attendant

royalty. 4th: mikaela harmon. 3rd: tayler welch. 2nd: eliza shumway 1st: me. miss pg: lea wride

oh did i mention linds was little miss lindon 2010?
ps. let the real posts begin. a post on florida is coming up once i put the pics on the computer. oh and we love healthy competitions.


Chad and Ash said...

my heart still gets a beatin' when I remember how proud yet extremely nervous I was for you! One of the best nights ever! :)

Shauna said...

Brooke, first of all that was fun seeing you today. It was fun reading about your experience since we weren't able to be there. You are such a darling girl.