Sunday, May 29, 2011

the climb: part 3. {miley cyrus.}

top 5 problems with pageants round 1. (Miss PG 2009, Miss SU 2010)

1.       i didn’t practice nearly enough for my interview.  i mean when you nail the two practice interviews you nail the final interview when it counts right? wrong.
2.       let’s face it i was still doing it for the wrong reasons
a.       i.e. i still just wanted the crown, friends, and the parades
3.       my platform had no true tie to me and i only had the facts, no emotional ties towards it.
4.       i was just too young, and Heavenly Father knew i wasn’t ready for it.
5.       oh did i mention my interview?

miss pg 2009 waiting for results
my pageant experience always went the same.  i felt prepared until it came the day of the competition.  i knew my weakness was my interview, and honestly do you know any pageant winner who bombs the interview? didn’t think so.  i thought i had done “my part” and at the time i felt like i did, now when I look back i realize how much I didn’t.  if you didn’t get the hint my interview never went well. yes i improved each time but it never was up to par. to be honest for miss su I thought I had done well enough to perhaps sneak into 2nd attendant. but again that place was not for me and i continued to wonder if i should give up my dream and goals or to continue to push through the losing streak i was on. i wanted it more than anything but at the same time i wasn’t sure i was cut out for the pageant world.
best friends always there for support.

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