Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pictures :) and an Update

Well it's official, I am a bad sister when it comes to updating Brooke's blog.  Luckily her email list has about 100 people on it and most people are getting updates every week. If you are not getting those updates weekly, leave your email in the comments section and you can get the weekly scoop too! I have updated her "mission info" section so that you have her correct mailing address. Also, as a lot of people have said, the mission rules have changed when it comes to emailing. BROOKE CAN RECEIVE AND SEND EMAILS TO WHOMEVER SHE WOULD LIKE!!! SO EMAIL HER!!! Sometimes getting a hand written letter in the mail is hard, but emailing is SO EASY so DO IT! She would love you hear from you! Sending letters and packages are still great too, just not as easy :) She is doing SO well! Her Spanish is coming along great and she is really embracing everything with the most positive attitude. Could you expect anything less from her? :)  We are all so proud of her!  Here are recent pics she sent home!

This is with her companion Hna. Milliron in a HUGE snowstorm, you can't see the snow really...but we are taking her word for it :)

She encounters insanely huge dogs on a daily basis. She says the first time they came out and attacked the car and then them she was terrified but she has learned that they are SO nice so that's good since there are about six of them that greet her in a pack!

This is at the baptism of her investigator Alecia.

And this is at the wedding they helped plan!! 

Brooke looks so happy!! We are SO proud of her!!

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