Monday, September 24, 2012

Update from August 17th

We are excited to hear from Hermana Savage again today! Here is last week's update. Please write her :) She sent us pictures, so I will upload those this week.


Hola Familia!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! (on wednesday :)) i am so sad i am missing your birthday but i am sure it will be as awesome as ever!! eat a piece of cake for me and let lindsay have an extra bowl of clusterfluff for me :)
well another week has gone by and so much has happened! first lets say my spanish is still awful. but i am conitnually working on it i only burst into tears once this week i believe so that is a step in the right direction! funny thing, on sunday there was this lady who was visiting the english ward right after our sacrament meeting but she was hispanic, so we went and said hello to her and she got mad at me and my comp because we weren't speaking spanish 24/7. she said that is how she learned english was by going to a english ward, since mom you sent that letter and then that lady told us that we have been working on increasing our spanish speaking. we still aren't doing 24/7 but we are improving. i still love my companion! we get along so well and everything is just great. one funny thing is she made cookies to give to some less actives and she was saying how all of the people she makes cookies for love them and all the elders love them and what not, and then she is like want to know my secret? and i obviously did and she said "i don't put the salt in!" that made me really curious to try her cookies, considering the salt is to enhance the flavor... they were nasty! haha but then again i am used to tylers to DIE for chocolate chip cookies :)
so this week for teaching was interesting. we have decided to call it the week of cancelations! there were SOOOOO many cancelations. we are still teaching rosa which is good but she hasn't come to church which is really bad, actually we went to teach her on tuesday and when we got there she was outside and her sister was there as well and her sister started yelling at us and telling us that rosa really didn't want the gospel and that she was going to call the cops. we just stood there awkwardly rosa told her to go in the house and that she really did want us here. obviously this is what hermana gonzalez told me in the car because i didn't know what was being said hahaha but i did know she was yelling at us ha!
i can't remember if i told you about the couple we found when we were looking for an old investagtor? beningo and elizabeth? anyways we taught them the plan of salvation our first meeting and they had alot of questions but they told us we could come back so we went back this past week and taught them the restoration. it went awesome!! be-ding-a-ding (that is what i call him because i can't pronounce his name obviously not to his face) prayed at the end of the lesson which was SOO NEAT! he told us he didn't know how so hermana gonzalez taught him the order of prayer and then we just sat and waited for him to start, and just when we were both going to look up he started and it was awesome! we also asked them what they would do if they found out for themselves if this was true. they said they would act. we invited them to be baptized but they didn't accept. but i know that once they know for themselves then they will be baptized because they already said they would act upon it. we also invited them to church but they didn't come which was lame but its ok! they are one of my favorites to teach!
we taught the two teenage girls cynthia and wendy. so their mom is a recent convert and she makes us dinner everytime we come to teach. so we ate dinner and all of the sudden my stomach started to feel really bad. i started praying that i would be able to get through the lesson and then i could find a bathroom. well that obviously was not what Heavenly Father had in mind so i excused myself to the bathroom and remember that night at the MTC when i had a "get rid of everything in me fest?" well let me tell you it happened again!! but to a much smaller scale. i didn't throw up which was a good thing but i pooped for days. i also had a heat flash so i had to strip down. all of the sudden my poor companion had to come and see if i was ok. i told her i was dying and that i would be out soonish. she obviously finished the lesson. once i felt ok i went out. i honestly was so embarassed but what can you do? and i felt so bad because the mom felt awful that it was something she fed me but who knows what it was! we told her that it wasn't her and that i would be ok. we left their house and my comp asked me if i was ok. luckily i had already told her the mtc story so i just told her i had another incident but to a smaller scale. we went back to our apartment and i got really curious because i realized that i was wearing the EXACT same outfit as i wore at the MTC that night. so i looked back at my journal notes and believe it or not it was the exact same day just one month later!! i think there is something wrong with me. but don't worry i am ok now :)
well since we had so many cancelations it gave us the opportunity to go tracting/finding. we decided to go tract different streets and it was so neat because there were so many times that my comp would say "what house should we hit" or "what street should we go down?" or "let me know if you have any inspirations." and i am not even joking i would always get a feeling we should go to a certain street or a certain house and 96% of the time we would find someone who wanted to learn more! we have 9 new potential investagtors this next week and a couple of them are families! we are stoked!! we just hope they don't all fall through like alot of tracting appointments do.
well that is just some highlights from my week! my testimony is continually growing and so is my love for the gospel and the Book of Mormon! it is amazing that i am out here serving and teaching others and yet i am the one who is learning and being taught so much! I love my mission! even when it is so hard and i don't understand what anyone is saying or when i want to tell someone something so bad but i don't have the vocabulary to say it, or when i am so tired and i don't want to get out of bed or walk down another road. i still love it!
thank you mom so much for the package!! the salsa is bomb and thanks for the chips!! just to give you a timing idea i received the package on friday, i also received all the kids letters on friday. friday was the BEST!!! it was so great to hear from everyone and it sounds like everything is crazy as usual!! also thanks for sending the pics! the green looks so great! i can't wait to show everyone my skills when i get back! also i am so happy that lauren bought peggy sue!! i miss you all so much and i love you!!
love, hermana savage
ps. josh i have a job for you... every sunday can you look up the weather of Elgin, Illinois or West Dundee, Illinois (either one they are practically the same place) for the week and send it to me in an email??? it is always so hard to decide what to wear at 6:30 in the morning when i don't know if it will be cold or hot because it is always cold at that time :)
-dad, west dundee is sort of like lindonish, and elgin is like provo and then there is carpentersville which is like orem so to speak. like if you weren't from illinois and didn't look at the signs then it would be all one big area. west dundee is really small and then carpentersville is bigger and elgin is the biggest :) but they are much like the size of lindon, orem, and provo :)
pss... TY!!!!! was homecoming this past saturday or this coming saturday??? SEND ME PICS!!!!! and you must write me a letter to tell me ALLLLL about it. i need details! i hope it was/will be so much fun!!!

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