Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week 5

hola familia!!
oh what a week!! i think i feel this way each week but this one especially. so as for day to day things everything is still the same.  still learning spanish, still learning how to teach effectively, etc. this week we taught our investigator andres.  our lesson went pretty well. we didn't have any awful laughing fits so we thought that it went well! also since we are into week 6 we are starting to teach each other as investagtors.  the hermanas are teaching elder captain and we are being taught by elder bringhurst and elder ray.  we were quite nervous about this because instead of teaching people who know spanish really well we are teaching our elders who know it better then we do but who don't know it that well and the fact that they are our in our district and we since our spanish is awful we knew they would get a kick out of our lessons.  but actually it was much more enjoyable and much more real.  we loved it! it is really interesting to play an investagator roll and coming up with questions that real investagators would have.  but it is very hard to relay our train of thoughts into spanish.  so yes spanish is still much of a struggle.  some days are good where we feel like we can do this and that we can learn spanish, other times it is rough and we feel like spanish will never come and we just want to speak english.  but it is coming. 
on sunday for relief society the general primary president came and spoke to us! it was amazing seriously it was probably one of my most favorite talks.  not only did she have a really good lesson she incorporated primary songs into it so we all got to sing primary songs! it made me sort of miss home considering mom is the primary chorister and the fact that i was always in primary! and it was neat, she added a verse to i hope they call me on a mission. i can't remember it right now but i wrote it down so i will send it in my letter home!  it was awesome and the spirit was so strong! the last thing she asked us was where ever we were going to please go to the primary children and tell them how much they are loved and to start preparing for a mission.  also for relief society sister giles {from high school} sang come thou fount.  it was amazing! she is so talented!
also sunday i had my leadership meeting and in it our branch president asked me if i would ask hermana smith if she would give the prayer for the tuesday night devotional in two weeks.  obviously hermana smith accepted, and lucky for us that means hermana hansen and i get to sit on the stage with her! we are praying for an apostle to come!! ha i will let you know next p-day the verdict on that one :) also sunday my companions decided that we were going to go to choir practice to sing in the choir on tuesday.  let me tell you by playing soccer at gym time and going to choir i don't know if there is anything else i can surprise you with! sunday was the rehersal and we sang Redeemer of Israel.  So tuesday was quite the day.  we went to choir practice and then to dinner and then back to the devotional.  the devotional started and then we sang. it was great and our district said we were on the screen so i guess that is exciting ha.  well we finish singing and David F. Evans of the 70's wife stood up and gave a 5 minute testimony.  as she sat down i all of the sudden had the urge to throw up.  so i lean over to hermana hansen and say "i think i am going to throw up." she obviously replys with "ok do we need to go?" i thought i would be fine but like a minute passed and i lean over and say "yes we need to go i am going to throw up." so we immediately grabbed our things and we left.  i ran out of the gym and straight to the bathroom.  and then it hit.  not throwup but diarrhea.  and then ... right as i finished boom throw up.  considering i am really talented i made it to the toilet for both ends! and then boom! back to diarrhea. and then throw up. then diarrhea and then throw up back and forth it went.. oh and in the middle of this going on i was having the largest heat flash of my life so i some how managed to strip down. luckily my companions were guarding the door outside.  this diarrhea/throwup fest went on straight for a whole hour no joke! and considering i had just eaten dinner none of my dinner food had been fully digested there for i was throwing up full bites/chunks of broccoli. chicken. rice. potatoes. and teryaki sauce. lets just say it is going to be a LLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time until i can eat/look at ANY of those things again.  once i decided that i was ok for a second i laid down on the bathroom floor. funny thing is earlier that morning i said to my companions "you would never catch me dead walking into any of the bathrooms with out shoes on." and here i was laying on the floor with my face barely elevated from my skirt.  i think i fell asleep for a second because the next thing i know hermana hansen popped her head in and asked if i was ok.  i woke up and i sat for a little bit and then decided i was fine.  i cleaned up and got dressed, i pulled my sweat drenched hair into a bun and found my companions.  they were obviously worried about me but i told them i felt totally fine except i was a little weak from having all my insides explode.  i felt good enough to go to our district meeting where the elders informed us of what was taught.  we were all sad that we missed the devotional because it really is our most favorite part of the week, but i am so thankful for companions who will sit outside the door and who worry about me.  and even though the first time they asked me if i was ok i yelled at them. {yes i said sorry after, i felt sooooo bad.} but they told me they didn't want to just sit and listen so they studied their scriptures together.  they are pretty awesome! yesterday everytime i ate and walked around my stomach would just churn.  its strange because i feel completely fine except my stomach.  and today is sorta the same thing just much more mild.  i hope that it will be ok tomorrow because i am STARVING because i only am eating a little bit because it hurts so much when i eat.  but its all good!!
also yesterday hermana hansen had an MRI on her toe. we have not heard the final verdict but we are hoping that she doesn't need surgery! also elder wright in my district broke his ankle and tore some ligaments playing basketball! he finds out in 2.5 weeks if he has to stay 2 weeks longer or if he will be ok.  we hope he is ok because he definitely doesn't want to stay here any longer. it truly is amazing at how many people are "broken" here.  everywhere we go people are on crutches or in a wheel chair or has some sort of cast.  but kind of a cool story.. i guess in the elders dorm they don't have an elevator so elder hill in our district carries elder wright up the stairs every day multiple times a day.  now elder wright isn't 200 pounds but he isn't 145 either.  we just thought it was so cool that one of the elders in our district would do that.  we feel so blessed that we are in this district, the elders are so awesome and we learn so much from them everyday! also between hermana hansens toe and elder wrights ankle and elder hill was sick our elders have had the opportunity to give 3 healing blessings.  it really is the neatest thing to half be a part of.  it the elders always talk about how awesome of an experience it is for them as well.
yesterday we got a new district! no hermanas :( we are so sad and that means that there are about 50 people in our zone which means we are in a sea of elders! we try and share our "hermananess" with all the districts but our district is definitely the luckiest :) and actually they tell us how happy they are that we are here because we keep them somewhat on task haha but i have only met 2 of the new elders so far, but one of the elders is from spanish fork, he is one of nates friends his name is elder jex i think... but he was excited when i told him that ash was my sister! i will meet them all tonight because i have to give a little presentation to them with the zone leaders tonight. 
well it has been an exciting week!! i find out for sure when i leave once i get my travel plans which usually come a week before we leave, we are still showing to be leaving the 3rd so i am not sure if that is right or if is a typo, but i will find out for sure a week before if i get travel plans or not.  sorry that isn't much time if you have to get off work mom but also alot of people leave here at like 3am so maybe i will be calling home at like 4am or something, but hopefully it is a good time, and hopefully it is the 3rd because that is labor day therefore the kids won't have school and i don't know if mom will be working all day.  ill try and keep you updated on that one. thank you everyone for the letters!! they are awesome!! and like i always say... KEEP WRITING!!! i don't think you realize how awesome it is to get a letter until you are a missionary. pratically christmas!! I love and miss you all! i can't wait to get out to chicago but at the same time i am still loving the MTC!
love, hermana savage

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