Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week 4

I know I am a few weeks behind! Here is week 4's email :)

Hola Familia!!!
HOLY COW!! i love the lindon days photos!! everyone looks so great and so cute! i am sad i am missing lindon days right now but its ok :) will you send me a picture of the LML float? and ya mom i would love a skirt! probably the gray one because i have 2 black ones :) thanks so much!
Well i can't even believe it, in 2 days i will have been at the MTC for a whole month! time is FLYING by its crazy.  Right now my estimated leaving date is sept. 3 which is 9 days earlier then the elders going to provo and st. george so we aren't sure if that is real or if it will get changed, but if it is real that means i have less then a month left here and if it will get changed then i have about a month left.  I don't know exactly how i feel about it because i love it here and i don't think i know enough to go to chicago but at the same time i am so excited to leave and get going into the real world!
this week has been a whirlwind of things.  This past sunday as you know i had to pray, i was SOO nervous.  I don't 100% enjoy praying in a large group let alone praying in spanish! needless to say it was a success! Heavenly Father truly did help me know the words to say and not mess up on my pronunciation.  I was super relieved when it was over but it definitely boosted my confidence in my spanish praying abilities!  Also on sunday we said goodbye to another district in our zone. The district that left was by far our favorite district in our zone.  There were 2 hermanas and one elder going to texas and then 3 elders going to las vegas.  They are going to  be amazing missionaries and even though it was so sad for us we were also so excited for them! But that also meant we lost 2 hermanas in our zone which means my companionship is the only hermanas in our zone of 40ish missionaries.  Luckily we have enough personality for everyone :) hahaha.  we keep hoping that we get new districts with hermanas but the past 2 new ones have been all elders.
this past week for personal study i decided to read the first chapters in each book of the book of mormon.  It was the neatest thing! It was amazing how in most of the beginning books it talked about how either everyone was righteous or how the nephites were righteous or what not and how every time the Lord would promise his children that if they were righteous they would prosper in the land.  or that he would protect them.  and then he would say but "WHEN, they choose to go astray..." then they will no longer prosper and the Lords wrath will come upon them.  I thought this was so neat because it wasn't IF they go astray but it was WHEN they go astray.  Also as it got later into the book of mormon it would say how the Lord wasn't blessing them because they were not staying righteous.  and as i was reading this i would try and figure out the main message of the chapter and sometimes it was said flat out and i would have to dig but it was cool how it was continuelly the same message over and over but it was said in different ways.  I also loved 4th nephi.  it is only one chapter long but in the beginning both the nephites and the lamanites were all one people and living in peace.  but by the end of the chapter not only had the lamanites gone wicked so did the nephites.  It is amazing how when the Lord would bless his people they over time would become prideful and then become wicked.  And i feel like that is still how it is today, we are continuelly stuck in the pride cycle.  But when we decide to choose the right and live righteously we are blessed.  The Lord always keeps his promise as long as we keep our side of the deal and live righteously!
So this past week with teaching was quite the event.  We finished teaching patricia who we had committed to baptism and she was going to church and reading the book of mormon.  We then started teaching andre.  Earlier this week we had a class about how to improve teaching and flow between each companion and the lesson as a whole.  We were so excited about our lesson because we felt like it was the most preapred and that it was going to flow really well.  well lets just say that it didn't go as planned.  first hermana smith said she was from hermana smith not that her name was hermana smith.  and then in the middle of our lesson it was time for hermana smith to ask a question and she said... "no palabras por me pregunta." which pretty much means no words for my question.  which translates to i can't remember my question.  i giggled.  and i was worried that all hope was lost but it wasn't i composed myself and hermana hansen stepped in and we continued.  then andre asked something about the book of mormon.  that is where hermana hansen stepped in and said "el libro de mormon, es el.. libro... de.... mormon..." which is the book of mormon is the... book.. of... mormon..." andre, hermana smith, and i laughed.  it took a little longer for me to compose myself because everytime i would look at hermana smith we would both start to laugh again.  hermana hansen then continued with something to the effect of can you read the 2nd to last paragraph... but instead of the real word for paragraph she said... paragraph..o... obviously trying to make up her own spanish word.  we lost it.  some how we finished our lesson and got out but once we left the room we were about falling on the floor laughing because it was the worst lesson since the first lesson we ever gave 4 weeks ago! We were sort of annoyed that we had prepared so much and were so gungho about it and that it failed but it definitely is giving us something to laugh about each day!
the next day we taught jorge.  this was our 3rd lesson with him and we again prepared very hard for it and we were ready.  we all made a promise not to make up anywords and to focus on what we were saying so we wouldn't mess up.  it was a success! actually it was more then a success, we felt like it was the best lesson we had ever given.  it definitely boosted our confidence from what happened with andre.  we teach him tomorrow so hopefully we can redeem ourselves!
somedays i feel like i am a spanish wizard and that i am so good at spanish, other days i about want to burst into tears because i don't know how to say anything.  but i continue to tell myself that it is a work in progress and that if heavenly father asked me to speak spanish then i can speak spanish! This past week was also very spiritual.  on sunday we heard from Brother and Sister Nally.  It was so good it was about what it takes to be a good missionary and how to develop christ like attributes.  It was very good! and then on tuesday we heard from Elder Dellenbach.  He taught on the book of mormon.  It was amazing, and it was neat because if i look back and think of what he was actually saying and teaching about it was more about statistics of the book of mormon and Joseph Smith, but my notes is completely different.  It is amazing how the Holy Ghost can teach you different things from what the words people are actually saying.  We then had our district devotional after which is where we all go around and share something that we liked from the fireside.  These are always my favorite.  and this past tuesday definitely didn't disappoint.  it was actually the first one that i think all of us were crying in.  the spirit was so strong and it was amazing to hear everyone talk about how hard the week has been for them and how there have been times when they wanted to give up and just be done.  We all have grown so much and have all become such amazing friends and it is amazing the things you can learn from 19 year old boys. 
As for a Dr. update yesterday we went to the peditarist for a check up on hermana hansens toe.  they told her that she needs an MRI and that we will have to go back to the MTC and get a note and set an appointment.  as we were waiting for the shuttle a car drives up, out jumps Whitney Mecham from high school. Obviously we ran to each other and caught up a little.  she is leaving on her mission in october and is going to washington.  She actually had an influence on me as i was making my decision to serve a mission and i was so excited to see her! although we won't see each other in the MTC she is going to be an amazing missionary! we made it back to the MTC and talked to the dr who told her she would have to come back tomorrow to get the note and set up the appointment.  this morning we went to the Drs and got her note and everything and they said they would call us back and tell us when her MRI is.  We are a little annoyed because we have no say in when would be the best time for the appointment, instead they are just choosing a time for us to go.  But we haven't heard yet so sometime this week we will be busting out of the MTC for the 4th time.  it has definitely been a rollercoaster with this whole situation but i think it is definitely testing and improving my patience.  we just hope that it will be all better so that in 3ish weeks we will be able to go to chicago all together instead of leaving hermana hansen behind. 
today we went to the temple and did Initiatories.  it was AMAZING. it was my first time back for those and it was much needed.  I loved hearing the blessings again and everything that is included in it.  P-day today has been great, but it is funny because i always thought p-day was a day where we had time for most anything, but that is wrong.  i feel like i am just as busy or more busy in getting things done then i am on any other day. 
Thank you everyone for the letters! they are wonderful!! I can't even explain to you how happy it makes me to know that i have a letter and that people are thinking about me.  Ashley, thank you for the cookies they were divine, and were gone in seconds! Granny, yes the Dear elders are a perfect way to send the weekly emails i LOVE getting them and reading them, i feel like they have helped me so much more now that i am on my mission! Thank you everyone for all the olympic updates! each day the elders in my district ask me if anyone has sent me updates and then we have "news at 9" with olympic updates by hermana savage! hahaha keep sending them especially since they are almost over! it sounds like USA has done amazing as always!  oh half funny story... yesterday i got called "elder" twice... not sure how i feel about it but its all good.  haha. I am sending a package home today of my shoes and some other things, so hopefully it makes it safely, i am also putting my SD card in it so i REALLY hope it makes it safely especially since there are pics on it that only i took with my camera unlike the last SD card.  I am still LOVING the MTC and like i said before i definitely have mixed feelings about leaving.  It has been an amazing experience and i am trying to make the best out of the rest of my time here.  it is amazing at how all the "worldly" things that mattered so much to me when i was at home are not a big deal at all anymore.  the church is true! and i can honestly say that i am the happiest i have ever been! i love it, missions are incredible!! I love and miss you all!!
love, hermana savage!

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