Monday, February 6, 2012

in my life. {beatles.}

wow talk about deserting my blog.
here is a little update on this past week.
don't worry nothing too exciting happened.

school. school. and more school.
yes i did have 4 exams this past week.
favorite classes: pe 4040: exercise testing and prescription.
and nutrition 1240/1241: culinary arts/culinary arts lab.

smoothies. smoothies. and more smoothies.
i love my magic bullet therefore i eat a smoothie each day.

i went to the doctor.
he told me i have peroneal tendonitis.
i am now icing my ankle.
taking anti-inflammatory drugs.
oh and i am running slooooow.

i went to the physical therapist.
he told me my dorsiflexion is 8%.
it is suppose to be 16%.
so now i do stretches for my ankle each night.

by this friday if my ankle is not improved my dr is making me wear a boot.
luckily he told me i can still run with the boot off.
and in two weeks after that if it isn't better i will be getting a steroid shot.
lets pray for no boot or steroid shot.

i ran 11 miles.
yes that was a stupidly wonderful decision.
i have been wanting to do it for so long.
and i was going crazy because of my ankle.
i just ran. and ran. and ran.
but now because of it i might have to get the boot and the shot.

there is the just of my week.
let me tell you there is ALOT more that happened.
but they will maybe be posted about later.
they deserve their own post if they make it to the blog.

things are changing in my life.
good things are changing.
and i am so ready for these changes.

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