Friday, January 13, 2012

explode. {ciara.}

you know those days when your patience level is a -7?
welcome to my week.

things people say about me {to my face.} that usually don't bother me. 
drive me nuts. or cut deep.

things people do that i would usually laugh off. 
drive me up the wall.

things that people say and do that i usually just agree with to not cause contention.
i have been biting my tongue harder then ever.
then i think of every rude thing i could have thrown in their face.

hopefully this passes.
or biting my tongue will not come as easy.
tears will flow easier.
and i might burst with annoyance.

on a brighter note miss america is TOMORROW!!!!
if you know me at all you know this is a national holiday in my family.
parties are thrown while the results are anticipated.

here are a list of the preliminary winners:
tuesday: talent: wisconsin. swim: UTAH!!!
wednesday: talent: oklahoma. swim: texas.
thursday: talent: hawaii. swim: new york.

i can't wait to watch tomorrow. 
miss utah has a good chance to make top 15.
want to tune in?? tomorrow ABC at 7:00pm.

p.s. thank you to you who have put up with me.
and allowed me to vent.
i would have exploded a long time ago without you.

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Shauna said...

My girls and I watched it last year together. It's fun to root for our favorites, don't love the swimsuits though:(