Thursday, January 12, 2012

empire state of mind. {jay-z.}

so obviously i have already failed at one new year resolution.
the one where blogging multiple times a week is necessary.
well don't worry i am still going to work on it and hopefully i can redeem myself.

a lot has happened since i last blogged so we are going to play catch up.
by the sunday after i was sick all 6 pounds had come back. dang.
but don't worry a post will be coming soon on how i plan to lose and maintain.
it contains three separate challenges all combined into one. 
yes you should be excited. because i haven't been this motivated for a while.

i had a sleep over with my two best friends.
it seriously was one of the best nights ever.
i loved being able to talk and be with them just like old times.
and i wish more of those could happen.
but alas we are all growing up and changing our lives.
so every now and  then texts will just have to do.

i moved back to cedar city to start my spring semester.
this year i am taking:
PE 3070: exercise physiology.
 {love this class. and the professor. i think it is going to be awesome.}
PE 4040: exercise testing and prescription.
 {this class seems awesome. it is a lot of what i think i want to do after graduation.}
NUTRITION 4020: advanced human nutrition.
 {probably going to be my ultimate hardest class. i am a little worried. but nothing library visits can't fix.}
NUTRITION 1240/1241: culinary arts/culinary arts lab.
{can you believe this is required for my major?? i am BEYOND STOKED! i can't wait to cook. and to learn all the tips and tricks. you will definitely hear more about this class.}

another part of moving back means roommates.
oh i love them.
and well i have a new roommate.
her name is amber.
she is super cute and super nice.
i think we will get along just great.

school will be great.
all upper division classes might kick my butt.
but they are all for my major/minor.
so at least they are what i enjoy.
i am straight up stoked.

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