Friday, November 11, 2011

numbers. {jojo.}

so i am a little obsessed with numbers.
not all numbers.
only if they are a cool sequence.
obviously today is one of those cool sequence days.
and of course at 11:11 am i made a wish.
and of course at 11:11 pm i am going to make another wish.
i'll let you know if they come true.

today i finished school at 8:50 am.
i drove home.
i took care of my gimp brother {he got surgery on his arm.}
i hung out with my little brother and sisters.
i went to a best friends wedding reception. {lyndsie jones.}
{it was gorgeous by the way.}
and i hung out with one of my most besties of besties. {kristin dicristfano.}
it was so fun to see her and i can't wait until christmas break when i will see her again.
then i got to see my older sister who also came down for another wedding reception tomorrow.

today has been an awesome day.
obviously because of the amazing number sequence.
here is too 11.11.11. 
and at 11:11 pm there will be another toast to wishes.

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