Saturday, June 11, 2011

the time. {black eyed peas.}


front view.

side view.
don't fret. florida trip is coming soon.

oh what a day it has been. so it was our first parades as a royalty. exciting i know. we arrive at 8:50 right on time i must add to the springville parade. and we await for our float at number 36. we are waiting and waiting and still no float. its like 9:40 now and the phone rings. terry (our director) tells us that our lovely float is about to burst into flames and we will not have a float for the parade. can you believe that? no float. welcome to our lives. well don't fret because we are all mature and we jump into action. literally. our first plan was the float. it fell through. our plan B was a old red stretch convertible car. ya thats right. red stretch car. plan C yellow convertible bug. plan D truck. ya that is right we had back up plans for our back up plans. well we are all in action and never skipping a beat. mikaela calls her dad who calls her uncle who owns the red car. i call my dad who turns around and heads back home to retrieve the yellow bug. with in 10 minutes of our first disaster phone call we hear that the red car is on its way.  therefore i call my dad and tell him nevermind.  we worked it out and although we didn't have our beautiful float. we had probably the sickest car in the parade. ya that is right. the sickest.
springville parade. car ride.

so after our disaster float happenings we are a little nervous for our orem parade that night. through out the day we would all get text messages from our director saying. we are up and running. oh don't be too excited something else happened. oh now we are running. oh nope we will be towed by a truck throughout the parade. well we were so happy to actually get our float we didn't care it it was towed or if it was driven. we arrive at the orem parade in our designated spots 1 hour early. actually 53 minutes. sorry we were late. we conversed with miss orem, miss santaquin, swiss miss. and little miss lindon. (seriously i love these girls, i helped with the pageant and i saw how hard they worked and each one of them completely deserves their crown and spot in the royalty.) then we started. it was hot and sweaty but we looked awesome and we had the time of our lives. our float is amazing and the best one by far. i truly am so blessed to be in the miss pg royalty and well strawberry days is going to be a blast with the girls next week.
oh hey. lea putting on mikaelas shoe.
umm lea is the queen and mikaela is 4th attendent.
it seems a little backwards but its fine.

parade dress.

our amazing float. there is a float behind ours so the house and the pig is not part of our float.

miss pg royalty with little miss lindon royalty

why i am in the middle i don't know. it bugs me too.


Terry said...

Good job on your blog Brooke!
It was seriously CRAZY today! Thanks for your positive attitude! Someday you will have to print this blog! It will be a real treasure! Next week will be a blast! Love you!

Granny said...

You are so beautiful. It is fun to share it this way.