Wednesday, June 15, 2011

part of MY world. {the little mermaid.}

13 cheesecakes to deliver. 13 city council meetings. 1 month.

this was my month of may. each and every tuesday and wednesdays we as a royalty would go and invite each city councils in utah county to strawberry days and present them with a cheesecake.

they just wanted the cheesecake and didn’t care about our little invite. its fine.

although they probably weren’t the most fun thing i get to do for miss pg royalty it still taught me so much.

it taught me that royalty is not all about the glam and fame. it is hard work and sometimes can be boring. but you do what you have to do with a smile on your face. can you imagine how many “city council” meetings kate middleton now has to go to. bet she didn’t sign up to do that the rest of her life. but its her job so she does it willingly. as do we.

it taught me that i shouldn’t complain. yes the meetings were boring. yes we could all tell that they only wanted the cheesecake. yes it was A LOT of driving for a 3 min. presentation. but had we not been in those meetings we would have not been wearing the crown and sash. which means i personally would not have been living my dream and my hard work would not have been paid off.

it taught me that 5 girls who have never known each other and are completely different can have funny moments and can be friends.

·         Mikaela. well she is straight up bold and beautiful. she is outgoing and not afraid to speak her mind which i love.
·         Tayler. is the nicest girl you will ever meet in your whole entire life. and well she has a funny side to here which makes everything much more exciting.
·         Eliza. she is happy all. the. time. she is super bubbly and i never see her not smiling.
·         Lea.  simply amazing. i don’t think there has ever been or ever will be a better or more deserving queen. she is elegant and fun.
·         as for me i am the mother. i usually am the “go to” person. i am living up every part of this adventure. i have had to work longer and harder then these girls to get where i am. and well i am just me.

throw us together and we don’t really “go” but when we have all worked hard for the same thing we can find similarities and we can work past our differences. we are becoming best friends.
giving my part of our invite. don't worry we really did present to the city council. but apparently lindon doesn't have any problems to be announced to the council.

last city council meeting. super sunny. ignore the squinting.

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Hallah. Mikaela. Harmon. said...

ahhh. i love this. i love you brooke.