Monday, June 20, 2011

the show goes on. {lupe fiasco.}

huck finn days.

i am artistically challenged. especially when it comes to face painting. i secretly think it should be one part of competition in miss pg so they don't get anyone bad like me. but at the same time i am grateful it isn't or i would never have a chance.

i painted faces for 3 hours straight.
4 hours later it was a pie eating contest.
my mom told me not to let her down.
i ate my fastest. but eliza came out with the victory.

i think she inhaled it. literally.
i had the back of my pie crust left.
the video is hilarious and if i get a copy i will post it.

although i didn't win. apparently lea and i were the most attractive in the attempt.
we graced our presence into everyone in utah county's home by being on the front cover of the daily herald.
that is what i call winning.

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Chad and Ash said...

I love everything about your blog. My favorite pics are the ones with our family in them. Linds, Rach and Josh all look so old and TAN!!! Love ya Brooke!!!!