Monday, June 20, 2011

im a little bit country. {donny and marie.}

we drove in the back of a truck.
black dresses night 1.

evening gowns night 2.

pink cocktail dresses night 3.

parade dresses night 4.

we were presented in front of a lot of people.
names announced.
smiles shared.
and a wave here or there.

did i mention we sang the national anthem the 3rd night of the rodeo.

after about 10 min trying to find our note we practiced with. we found it.
we sounded great.
oh i had something in my eye while we were singing and well i didn’t want to get it out why we were singing so i had tears streaming down my face.  
oh and when we all did a slight pause (it was practiced) the horse in front of us started to pee. i about lost it. and if anyone would have cracked i would have been done for.
a laughing attack would have happened. and if you have been around me when that happens you know i can’t stop.

i then watched my first rodeo. which turned into my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.
lea. mikaela. and i decided its animal cruelty.
our curiosity was sparked as we tried to figure out how the horses and bulls buck.
don’t worry we figured it out.
whatever cowboy had the idea to first try is sick minded.

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