Monday, May 23, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things. {sound of music.}

call me a borrower.  i was trying to think of a way to post more about me. random facts that don't really fit anywhere. well i found this idea on indie severes blog HERE.  i dare you to follow her, you will be addicted.  anyways i thought this was a fun way to get to know the dorky me.

10 favorite places to be (in no particular order):

·         In the Kitchen baking
·         At the Gym working my butt off
·         Hawaii… I love the sun, even though the sun does not love me
·         In my car.
·         In my bed.
·         Forever 21
·         On any Dance/Club floor getting my jive on.
·         In a church or temple
·         Watching football, baseball, basketball, any sporting event
·         Walmart.

9 weird things about me:

·         I can shake my eye balls
·         I play the harp
·         I have probably been in and seen more pageants then you and your dog combined.
·         I have seen both Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers in concert 3 times.
·         My initials are B.S… ya my parents thought of that before they named me and they still didn’t give me a middle name.
·         I have every word of a song memorized after I have heard it two or three times on the radio.
·         I am allergic to shrimp. And I won’t eat any other fish. Not even tuna.
·         Technically I am the only one in my family with blonde hair. Yes I currently am not blonde. Thanks captain obvious.
·         I have been to Hawaii 9 times.

8 things I am going to do this summer

·         Ride on a float in every parade in Utah County. That is 9 parades. Be jealous
·         Turn 20
·         Attempt to get tan. That is brown, not red.
·         Go to Europe.
·         P90x
·         Maybe work. We will see.
·         Try strawberries and cream for the first time at strawberry days.
·         Swim in my pool.

7 things I am thinking of

·         Who will win American idol this year.
·         Florida trip with the bestie (and I can’t wait to see my grandparents!!!)
·         Men
·         How lucky I am to have amazing friends
·         Sleep.
·         Written in the stars. yes I sing in my head. Its fine.
·         Something to think about. Ha.

6 things I am wearing

·         Jeggings
·         Rainboots
·         Diamond earrings
·         Glitter nail polish
·         Hollister Sweatshirt
·         A zit on my forehead. Gross I know. I would take it off, but it’s not that easy.

5 things I worry about

·         Paying for college next semester…stupid chemistry you ruin my GPA…but at least I passed.
·         My family
·         I worry I am not strong enough to stand up for what I believe in when my standards are tested. Even though I think I am strong enough you never know until someone tests your strength.
·         What I want to do with my life after college
·         I worry I messed up some big decision in my life and later I will regret it. But I guess you got to live and learn.

4 things on my floor

·         Clothes
·         Shoes
·         More shoes
·         Even more clothes

3 things I want to do today

·         Workout
·         Take a nap
·         Re-paint my nails

2 things I will reveal

·         In 9th and 10th grade I legitly thought I was going to convert and then marry Joe Jonas.
·         In a song. if it has a rap section. I know it word for word better then the chorus. Talent.

1 secret:.

·         I still sometimes think I am “next” in being kidnapped
o   Signs: Elizabeth smart was kidnapped on MY birthday
§  Elizabeth Smart plays the harp… I play the harp
§  Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped… im next.
§  More proof….
§  The next big kidnapping in Utah after Elizabeth Smart was a girl named Brooke.
Ya you should fear for me too.


Chad and Ash said...

HAHAHAHA oh my this is the best blog post I have ever read!!! I was peeing my pants laughing...and actually still am because you are so creative/hilarious!! ya...your blog is probably better than mine already. the end.

Anonymous said...

Love you Brooke

Shauna said...

What a fun list. Me and my girls were laughing.