Thursday, May 26, 2011

the climb: part 1. {miley cyrus.}

 well i mentioned in my first post that one of my “sections” was pageants and my adventures in the Miss PG royalty. my summer is going to be filled with parades and activities that i will be a part of and i want to blog about them so i figured it would be good to have a background of my “pageant life” but that includes ALOT so these next 5ish posts will be about my long journey to where i am now! First to say the least, i love pageants.  i love everything about them, and until you personally compete in one i don’t think you can fully understand them and the hard work that goes into them. i love competing in them and i love watching them.  i will fight anyone who says pageants are superficial or they are degrading to women; because honestly they help girls in so many aspects of their lives it’s ridiculous.  they have taught me so much and seriously i wouldn’t be me without my many experiences competing in them.  stay tuned because tomorrow we start with Little Miss Lindon 9 years ago J
its a family affair!
whole family in our hotel at the Miss America Pageant!
supporting Whitney Merrifield Miss Utah 2009!

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