Sunday, January 1, 2012

the new year. {death cab for cutie.}

funny to think that i could blog for 25 days straight.
and then i went a whole week without even looking at my blog.
i might have been busy.
but no busier then finals week so that is no excuse.

lets play catch up.
christmas was great.
i got everything i wanted.
granted i mainly wanted clothes.
but still.
props to santa. mom. and dad.
i spent 2 days in the same clothes.
i was too lazy to get out of my christmas pajamas.

i visited my bestie meg.
which was much needed.
and i am stoked because this week will bring more of those visits.
and it will also include kristin!

i threw two parties.
not hour long parties.
day long parties.
it started friday and ended sunday.
it was seriously the most fun thing ever.
lots of planning and preparing went into them.
full of food. fun. and family.
seriously what else do you need??

i am so happy for the new year.
i am happy to put things of 2011 behind me.
and i can't wait to look ahead at what 2012 will bring.

i am stoked to set and complete my goals for 2012
seriously i have been planning them for weeks.
{list will be coming soon.}

i love a new year.
cheers to 2011.
here is to 2012.

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Shauna said...

It was so fun seeing you all and getting to spend some time togetheršŸ˜ƒ