Thursday, January 19, 2012

man in the mirror. {michael jackson.}

so here is the 411 of my healthy challenges.
i took 3 different challenges and combined them into one.

challenge #1 
Taralynn changed her lifestyle and went from being overweight to being fit.
she is issuing a "i will make a change with taralynn" challenge.
today is the last day to enter the contest for a $100 visa.
but it is definitely not the last day to join in her healthy movement/challenge.
all you have to do is decide to change one thing in your life to make you healthier.
so either start working out. {even going on a 20 min walk.}
or decide to eat just 1 cookie instead of 4.
join the healthy movement.
how have i joined??
well i did not submit for the $100 visa.
but i have decided to change.
**i will make a change with taralynn by eating healthier and choosing smaller portions**
what will you change??

challenge #2
their challenge is a 8 week weight loss challenge.
this weight loss challenge is different from others i have tried.
it is strictly based on a point scale.
there are 8 separate things that you can get points from.
so get a "team" of people who want to be healthier and lose weight.
each person print off their own worksheet to keep track found here.
then starting any monday start living healthier and counting your points.
so how am i incorporating this into my life??
my team = mom. dad. ash. chad. me.
reward = i'm not completely sure. ha.
we are on our week 2.
i have done pretty well so far. 
yes i did have a couple "bad" days but the most important thing to do after a bad day.
wake up and start again. 
find your team and join this 8 week challenge.

#3 challenge
blog: mine.
not only is this my own challenge.
i am issuing this challenge to you.
i challenge you to run.
if you are in the couch potato area then your challenge is to run a 5k in 2012
if you have run a 5k well then start training for a 10k.
if you have run a 10k then start the half-marathon training. to run a half-marathon.
and if you have run a half-marathon yep you guessed it run a marathon.
you hate to run? 
i did too 2 years ago.
start by walking. and add on slowly.
your knees hurt to run? 
maybe try biking or swimming.

another part of my challenge?
this month find the race you are going to work for.
SIGN UP!!! then you can't back out.
put it on your calender and tell people about it to keep you accountable.

i personally am starting training for a half-marathon hopefully this coming monday.
if you want to join leave a comment, send me a text, or keep it to yourself.
{telling me what race you are going to run.}
{leave another comment with what race you signed up for and maybe i will run it with you.}

lets start our healthy. weight loss. running challenges.
2012 is the year to be fit. the most fit ever.

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