Monday, October 24, 2011

california gurls. {katy perry.}

believe it or not i have already attemped to post this same post like 3 times...
each time the stupid internet goes out and erases everything.
im annoyed. its fine.

fall break was last monday and tuesday.
of course california was the top vote of where to visit.
we made a count down and awaited the exciting visit to christies home town.
right before we left.

last link to our cali chain!!

finally after a couple weeks it came.
we packed our bags and drove all 6 hours to ridgecrest, cailfornia.
peggie sue hit 100000!

talk about a party.
everything between singing. stories. and sleeping happened in that car ride.
when we arrived at christies house we were welcomed by her awesome family.
we got a tour of her house. and got settled in.
we had pizza for dinner which was followed by a run to the doughnut shop.
that night we watched phantom of the opera and prepared ourselves for saturdays trip.

saturday we woke up and headed to the beach.
granted ridgecrest is kinda in the middle of no where much like cedar.
we drove 2 hours to santa monica beach.
we "swam" in the ice cold water.
{lets face it i just put my toes in then soaked up the sun.}
why i was holding down the fort the seagulls stole our cheeito bag.
yes they swooped the entire bag.
don't worry the nice lady next to us saved me.
she shooed the birds and retrieved what was left of our cheetios.
after we walked/shopped on the pier and 3rd street promonade.
we ate dinner at la salsa.
and headed back to ridgecrest.

ferris wheel on the pier! {tayler this pic is for you!}

sunday we went to christies home ward and met a lot of new people.
we met her cute primary class {5 year olds}
and we felt the spirit.
when we came home we had a delicious dinner made by the parentals.
{seriously soooo good.}
we made peanut butter balls.{our classic.}
we had FHE.
played trivial pursuit. {girls lost. lame.}
and sang around the piano.
we went on a drive up behind the college there.
it was gorgeous.
we looked at the stars and at the "city" lights.
seriously so pretty.
we then went to bed.

monday we were going to hit 6 flags.
but oh no it was closed.
good thing we checked before we made the 2 hour drive.
we ended up going to knottsberry farm.
it was seriously a blast.
christies dad came with us and honestly i loved it.
he is so much fun to be around and like i said we had a blast.
after he treated us to chili's.
we then drove home.
it was so so so so much fun.
we packed our bags and were sad to leave the next morning.

acting like the gargoyles.

we woke up early and packed the car and left.
we drove the dreaded 6 hours. 
this time much more sleeping happened.
we stopped for gas in primm.
i decided to get a coke.
bad idea when you have a bladder of a new born.
seriously with in 2 miles from the last exit of vegas i had to pee.
literally i had. to. pee.
i told my self mesquite was coming and i could wait.
i tried to get it out of my mind but i almost lost it.
there was a time i was trying to come to senses with being 20 and peeing my pants.
luckily that didn't have to happen.
i made it just in time.
thank heavens.
we finally made it back to cedar.
it felt great to be home. but we all still longed for cali again.
we treated ourselves to krave.

it was an awesome weekend.
and seriously we will be going back.
we love california.

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