Monday, June 20, 2011

when i look at you. {miley cyrus.}

concert in the park.
Featuring the band “no limits.”
Free strawberries and cream.
Signing more pictures of my own face then I thought possible.
Being a role model for hundreds of little girls.

i continue to learn from each experience with being miss pg 1st attendant.
even though it was a concert, i had a light bulb go off.
i realized how important it is for me to make good decisions. now and forever.
hundreds of little girls and boys look up to us.
can you imagine what a disappointment we would be to everyone if one of us messed up?
can you imagine the look on a little girls face knowing her “idols” were not perfect.
and all of the sudden she didn’t want to be like them anymore?
maybe this is what we needed. pressure to want to be good. to know that we will let more than ourselves and our parents down if we don’t stand up for our beliefs.

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